What is Java for Good?

Java for Good is a social responsibility project which encourages senior java developers to do good with their engineering expertise. It takes 10-12 hours of non-stop coding. Java for Good is limited to maximum 40 senior developers and winning prize is a Crossover job offer for $100K/year to encourage more senior developers.

Even though we know that none of these critical issues can be solved in 10 hours of coding, we still want to encourage developers to create a beginning. We want to prove how technology can create a huge difference and our priority is Immigration and Animal Welfare in this project. For example, one of our developers may choose to create a solution for tracking street animals and we're going to share all source codes publicly to inspire students and junior developers while sending them to government authorities and NGOs for free at the end of the event.

Sinan Ata Director of Local Operations at Crossover


Istanbul, Turkey | December 10, 2016 | Project Files | Media
Partners: Crossover, Oracle, Turk Kızılay, Haytap, ActiveBuilder

Kharkiv, Ukraine | September 17, 2017 | Project Files | Media
Partners: Crossover, Oracle, AnimalID

Interested in organizing a Java for Good in your city? Mail me. sinan.ata@crossover.com